Anna & the Love - Review

Today I want tell you about a german series where a woman falls in love with the boss' son of the advertising agency "Broda & Broda".
It is a typical girls show, so for everyone who has already enough of that shouldn't continue to read ;-)

Like I wrote before it is a typical girls show:
Anna is a young woman who is so extremly shy that she can't talk to anybody except family and friends without starting to stutter.
At the beginning of the show she is working at the restaurant of her mother, but Anna's real dream is to start at the advertising agency Broda & Broda. At first she is totally motivated to get the job, but when the moment of the interview comes she panickes and couldn't say a word.

But one day she got a little lucky and finally get a job she wanted or not wanted. But with working there trouble comes too and so all her story starts. Everytime she thought she is doing something right her younger sister intervenes and tells everyone that Anna is the one who is doing all things wrong. If only the people all around them knew what was really going on...
Will she get the young man she was falling in love with or will he just think that Anna is a total fraud?
I guess you just have to start to watch the series to find out.

You will find the first episode here.

Anna und die Liebe (Anna and the love) is a typical series for girls, but it also has some serios topics as well, for example being extremly shy, being an illiterate, losing your husband/wife or being innocent in prison. So I supose everyone else could watch the series too only because the topics around them are interesting enough to stay tuned to the TV series.

But not only this things you will see on the show: you will get an insight of an advertising agency too with all its intrgues and all the drama the people show in there.
(To everyone who wants to work at an 
advertising agency: lucky for you there won't be any intrigues like on the show ;-) )

So I hope you may watch the show and enjoy it, like I did in the past and even now!

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © Producers at Work GmbH
Text © F|S Magazin