Charleys Aunt (1963) - Review

After some pretty nice reviews about american movies, I want to write about an austrian film called "Charleys Aunt" with the famous Peter Alexander who sadly died already in February 2011 in the age of 85.

The story is about Dr. Otto Wilder (Peter Alexander) who dresses up as a woman to help out his younger brother Ralf Wilder (Alfred Böhm) getting attention of a beautiful young lady. But it is not that easy as it sounds:

On a party that the younger brother and his friend are organising, the father/uncle of their dates are showing up and interfere in their celebration. And if that is not enough, the "real" aunt of Charley shows up and is suprised that she is already there.
Well, she is not really there per se, because Otto is there to help out as "Charleys aunt".

How it ends? I don't want to spoiler and find out for yourself.

This sweet little movie is one of the most famous movies coming from Austria. The film splitted the critics, because some of them said, it would look ridiculous to see a man who's 6"1 (1,85 cm) tall and dressed up in womens clothes.
Others said that it has it's own charmes and makes the audience laugh.

In my opinion I say it is a really nice and funny movie to watch that everyone should see at least once.
Otherwise Metropol Theaters wouldn't have started an own musical with this story.

The story was originally from Brandon Thomas and got already a movie before this one, but I say the version with Peter Alexander is the more funnier film to watch.
So make yourself a picture of that movie and hopefully you will like it and get a little bit more in touch with Austria and Vienna and the culture...

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © Sascha Film
Text © F|S Magazin