Despicable Me - Review

I think everyone knows about Despicable Me and our cool yellow friend the Minions. Six years ago the hype around the yellow fellas started and I think we all are very happy about it.

It all started with the first movie Despicable Me, where the bad guy Gru tried to steal the moon with his minions. On his way to steal the moon he had a lot of obstacles on his way there. Especially Vector, another bad guy.
During this time Gru even tried to make an impression with three little girls to get what he wants by simple adopting them.

Does Gru get what he wants? And what about the thre sweet girls? We won't spoiler. You may / probably know it already. :-)

I guess we are all glad that Illumination Entertainment had the great idea with the yellow minions and their special language they are speaking which is a mix from spanish, italian and maybe french.
But the funny thing about it: we can almost always understand what they are saying. We could even make our own langage out of it.

Fans of the minions can be very lucky because there is even a second part of Despicable Me to see more fun with Gru and his fellas.
And if that is not enough, there is a movie that is only about the minions and how they found their master Gru which means this story was before the two movies of Despicable Me. You should definitely watch this movie before the other two film just to understand the background of the whole story better.

We hope you will still enjoy the minions in the future and watch all three movie as often as you can and want, for example here :-) (Beware: it is in german and not the best quality.)

~Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © Illumination Entertainment
Text © F|S Magazin