Dolce Vita and Co - Review

Today I want to tell you about a austrian series that everyone knows in the country and which you should know about it too:

Dolce Vita and Co.

It is about a father called Mario Hubinger. He has a great wife who works a lot and three kids who a great and sometimes cheeky too.
One day Mario wants to change his life and doesn't want to be a "houseman" anymore. So he wants to join his fathers italian restaurant. When his italian mother was still alive the restaurant was a great Trattoria, but years later it is totally shabby.
But that is not a reason for Mario and so he starts to get into that business. But it is not that easy as it sounds:
his father Hans wants to sell the restaurant. Somehow his son could convinced him not to sell it.

And so the fun of having a restaurant starts. But as fun comes trouble comes too. Because Mario doens't have enough money to invest into the restaurant he gets money from a russian mafia. Was that really a good decision?
But that is not only the thing that goes wrong... Him and his wife are starting to have some trouble too.

Will that be an issue for starting the restaurant?
I guess you have to watch what will happen next in the life of the family Hubinger :-)

In Austria the series is famous for its humour, its stars and its viennese charme. You will find a lot of famous austrian stars like Michael Niavarani, Christoph Fälbl, Reinhard Novak or Ulrike Beimpold. And with them you will know for sure it will be a lot of fun to watch them in this series.

If you get a little bit interested you can watch the first episode right here.

In Austria the series was very popular and the whole country was very sad, when they quit the show. But it is always good, that there are DVD's so we can always watch it. Even today, 14 years later, the television likes to show it from time to time and all Austria is still watching. We miss the series, but we are glad to have the series on DVD :-)

Get a little taste of Vienna and the series and enjoy it!

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © MR Film
Text © F|S Magazin