Happy Gilmore - Review

Are you a fan of comedy movies? If yes, then you'll surely know American Actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer & musician Adam Sandler from the movies Mr. Deeds, Click, Bedtime Stories & Grown Ups just to mention a few.

Today we look back on one of his earlier projects "Happy Gilmore" the 1996 sports comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan. The success of the film opened more doors for Adam & Dennis to work on more projects together. They made a name for themselves after the film because a box office hit earning $42 million on a $12 million budget as well as scooping various awards including the MTV Movie Award.

Adam Sandler stars as the title character (Happy Gilmore), an aspiring Ice Hockey player, who's aggressiveness & lack of skating talent consistently preclude him from joining the Hockey team. Matters are made worse after his girlfriend leaves him because of his Hockey obsession.

On the other hand, his grandmother owes $270.000 in back taxes which she hasn't paid for many years & this subsequently results in a charge of sports for Happy Gilmore as he goes in to pursue a career in Golf following some encouragement because of his unique drive of the ball.

Beginning with hustling Golfers all the way up to competing in professional tournaments, Adam Sandler reminds us of his capabilities in terms of entertainment is concerned as he gives a worthwhile perfomance which satisfies the audience.
The PG-13 movie received mixed reviews, but nothing can take away the success it endured when it hit the screens.
Starring alongside Adam Sandler are Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Carl Weathers & Francis Bay.

~ Written by Tanaka Musanhi

Picture © Universal Pictures
Text © Tanaka Musanhi