Hinterholz 8 - Review

It is time again for an austrian movie that everyone in Austria knows and everyone else should know about:

Hinterholz 8

The movie is about the family Krcal that lives in a little apartment right next to a doctor, which costs a lot of trouble from the beginning because all the patients think that the family wants to be first to see the doctor.
One day Herbert Krcal decides to buy a house for his small family and finds the perfect place. But after the first happy moments they find out that the place costs too much money which they don't have.

Fortunately on another day they find a sweet little house close to a forest while they went out for a walk.
Herbert is so excited about it that he rushes to talk to the mayor of this little town. From the start Herbert and mostly his wife Margit and kid feel uneasy because all the people seem weird.
After some small troubles the family gets the house. But it is only the beginning of many problems...

Hinterholz 8 is one of the most famous movies that came from Austria and Harald Sicheritz.
Sicheritz already did a lot of great movies and series for Austria which I am really glad about. His best works are: Hinterholz 8, MA 2412, Kaisermühlen Blues or even Muttertag (Mothers Day).

Even today he makes good work with Vorstadtweiber (similiar to Desperate Housewifes).

The movie Hinterholz 8 was a great success for him and all the actors. It is quite funny to watch what can happen if you buy a house and try to redecorate it by yourself. So many mistakes are happening that wouldn't happen, if you let someone professional do your house.

So lean back, turn on the movie and enjoy a lot of laughter and tears of laughing :-)

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © DOR Film
Text © F|S Magazin