James Bond: Dr. No - Review

After the 1958 novel "Dr. No" by Ian Fleming, it was only logical to turn it into a movie and people didn't have to wait long as the movie came out 4 years later in 1962.

It was the first of the "to be" legendary franchise of the James Bond movies with Sean Connery playing the lead role.
Dr. No was not the really first novel to be written by Ian Fleming but come today, no one really cares about the order that the films have come out in, just as long as we have something enjoyable to watch.

The first James Bond novel to be written by the author was actually Casino Royal, published in 1953 but it would only be made into a movie 53 years later in 2006 with Daniel Craig playing the main character.

The main plot of the movie is that after the disappearance of a fellow British agent, James Bond also known as 007 is sent to Jamaica to investigate his disappearance only to be led to the trail of Dr. No who is planning to disrupt America's early manned space launch.

There is plenty of excitement during this highly action-packed movie and Sean Connery certainly delivers as the lead actor "007" in this first of the James Bond films. Also considering that the movie only had a $1.1 million budget, you can appreciate the time and effort that was put into the production in order to produce the best finished product possible.

The film would go on to achieve $59.5 million in the box office despite having received a mixed critical reception. Then Amercian President John F. Kennedy was a big fan of Ian Fleming's novels and therefore requested a private showing of Dr. No at the White House.
Dr. No was very popular with the fans in Europe especially in the United Kingdom and would go onto be the 5th most popular movie of the year.

~ Written by Tanaka Musanhi

Picture © Eon Productions
Text © Tanaka Musanhi