James Bond: Gold Finger (1964) - Review

This time around we look back at the older films as we re-live the 1960s again by covering a James Bond movie for the second time in this magazine. The 3rd installment "Gold Finger" is a British spy film starring Sean Connery who reprises his role as the main character 007. It is based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. The movie also happened to be the first of four Bond films directed by Guy Hamilton. The first 2 Bond films had mainly focused on the Caribbean and Europe so the team chose to focus on the American audience as a way of developing a different story.

With a budget of $3 million equal to the budget of the 2 preceding films, the movie grossed over $124.9 million in the box office. The blockbuster movie was officially released on the 18th of September 1964 which makes it exactly 52 years since it was brought to our screens. Goldfinger had much influence that the use of the Aston Martin DB5 car in the movie led to the toy of the same model being the biggest seller of that year.
In addition to that, many of the elements introduced in the movie appeared in several of the later 007 films, such as the use of gadgets and technology.

~ Written by Tanaka Musanhi

Picture © Eon Productions
Text © Tanaka Musanhi