Pumuckl - Review

Today's review is about a little guy that everyone in Austria and Germany knows:


How can I describe that little guy? It's simple:

Pumuckl was a little red head goblin who was probably a thousand year old, even if he didn't look like that. He was a really funny "boy" who wanted to see the world and wanted to know everything, almost like a young child.

Well, the story started on a beautiful day when the carpenter Franz Eder worked on a cupboard for one of his clients. But for him it is not an ordinary day, because every five minutes something disappeared and he started to think he was going crazy. After a while Franz started to hear some noises that sounded like a mouse. He wondered very much because he didn't have any mice.

All of the sudden a liitle guy with red hairs appeared in front of Franz Eder who was very suprised. For seconds they were looking at each other. Then the story of this two special friends began.

The little goblin explained to Franz that he could only be seen by the person who sees him first and no one else, says the law of the goblins and from that moment on they had a lot of moments of joy and sometimes even tears, but a lot of anger (from Franz's side) too because Pumuckl didn't always listened to the carpenter.

All in all you will find a lot of nice stories about Pumuckl and Franz Eder on Youtube because the sad thing about it is that the television isn't showing the series anymore. The other sad thing is that the main character of Franz Eder (Gustl Bayrhammer) already died in 1993 which makes the Show Pumuckl his legacy.

The good thing is, that there is not only the television show with Gustl Bayrhammer, there are also three movies that includes the redhead goblin and Gustl Bayrhammer and Towje Kleiner.

The produers of the show even tried a little series with Pumuckl and a ship's cook. The viewers didn't like it much, but I think it is still a nice idea, that should be watched by the public.

If you want to make your own impression of the show Pumuckl you can watch it here:

Pumuckl - Spuk in der Werkstatt

Pumuckls neue Abenteuer

You and your kids will love the show!

I hope you enjoy it!

~ Written by FS Magazin

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