Some like it hot - Review

Today I want write about a very funny movie that everone knows about:

Some like it hot

It is about two musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Gerald (Jack Lemmon) who witnessed a murder committed by a Mafia. After they run away successfully they had to find out how they can get away without being caught by this Mafia.
The idea of dressing up as women and get in a train with a womens orchestra which was first dropped by the two friends turned out to be a very interesting idea after all.

So the adventure starts. We see a lot of fun and a man who falls in love with Daphne who was actually Gerald. While Joe was just playing a woman, Gerald actually "falls" in love with his admirer.
What happens with them and the Mafia when they met again!?

Find out and watch the movie if you haven't seen it yet.

The movie alltogether was made brilliant from no one else than Billy Wilder. He was not only famous for some like it hot, but also for The Seven Year Itch and Avanti!

A must see for every Billy Wilder fan and fans of classic movies and of course Marilyn Monroe or else.

~ Written by F|S Magazin

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Text © F|S Magazin