The Birdcage - Review

Some may know this film, some don't. But this is my favourite movie from all Robin Williams movies there is.

The story is about two gay men called Armand and Albert who loves each other and runs a night club called the Birdcage.
One day Armands son Val (son of Armand and Katherine, one-night-stand before Armand turned gay) comes home and tells him he met a girl and wants to marry her. At first his father was a little mad because he didn't want to let his only child marry in such a young age (of around 20), but after a father and son moment he is happy for his boy.

On the next day Val tells his father that the parents of his girlfriend are into politics and are nominated for being senator (the father of his girlfriend).
The tricky thing behind is that her parents are very conservative and don't think out of their box and don't want to know anything about gay people or different religions and so on.

And there the troubles begins: They have to hide that Val's father is actually gay and owns a gay club.

How it ends? You should make yourself a picture of that movie, because it is a really lovely film and so much to laugh, that your mouth will hurt from too much laughing :-)

This little movie is one of the finest films with Robin Williams, that I really love. Even if there are a lot of great movies with him, this one is in my heart forever, because of it's own sweet charme.
Even if the main topic behind the movie disappears a little bit in the background because of all the humor, it is still a fantastic movie.

I hope you will watch it and enjoy it as I always do! :-)

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)
Text © F|S Magazin