The human Centipede - Review

WARNING: Not for people who doesn't like disgusting movies!

The human Centipede is about Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser) who worked as a doctor that seperated Siamese twins from each other. The weird thing about Doctor Heiter?
Well, if you first meet him, he seems a little odd, but the really strange thing about him is that he wants to do impossible surgical interventions...

What that means exactly? I don't want to spoiler too much,... But if you already read the title of this movie, you may imagine what he is going to do. He wants to create a human centipede. This idea is so disturbing, that you may not watch the movie to the end.
In one way it is very interesting how he is doing it, but on the other side it was made even more disgusting.

So it is up to you, if you want to watch the movie or not.

The director of this movie Tom Six wanted to do a film that is disturbing and provocative at the same time which he accomplished with that project. He also said that all good horror movies got r rated or even being shorted because of scenes that are really ugly, so he wanted to do a movie which wouldn't be banned from the authority.
The bad thing about it is that almost no one knows about this great movie.

I think that should be changed, only because of the idea Tom Six created. I have never seen anything like it and I can only say that everyone who loves horror movies should see the film. It has some pretty nice effects and the better thing about it that there are two more movies of the human centipede. It even gets more disturbing!

So beware of Tom Six and Dr. Heiter's idea :-)

~ Written by F|S Magazin

Picture © Six Entertainment
Text © F|S Magazin