Hours - Review

This time I want to present you a nice and lovely movie that never made it into the cinemas: Hours with Paul Walker.

The movie is about a small family around Nolan (Paul Walker) and Abigal ( Génesis Rodriguez) who is expecting a child. One day Abigal is in labour. The bad thing about it is that it is five weeks to soon. The couple rushes to the hospital and she gives birth to the child.
As soon as the kid was born some complications are shown to Abigal and for that she sadly dies. At first Nolan doesn't believe the doctor which is a normal reaction after losing a beloved person. After a moment being with his dead wife he sees his new born girl for the first time. His first reaction was that he doesn't know her.
Because the little child was born to soon she has to be on a lung ventilator for 48 hours and after this time she should be able to breath on her own.

The worst thing about it? The whole story happens during Hurricane Katrina and so all the bad things start to happen to Nolan. Will he be able to save his little girl after he already lost his wife?

I won't tell you that now because this movie is a must to see. Not only for all Paul Walker fans but for everyone else who wants to see a nice little traimovie.

This movie is one of Paul Walkers last movies and you can clearly see that he put so much effort into it and at the end of it all a great film came out of it that sadly never made it to the cinemas and came out directly on dvd and blu ray.
It is a little sad that it never came out to the cinemas or got more attention. It is such a lovely movie that you wouldn't miss the chance to see it for yourself. The story behind it may be a little sad, but you can see a Paul Walker who could also play other fantastic roles than just the one we all knew him to play.

I think everyone who was a fan of the actor clearly wants to see Hours. It is one of the finest movies I have seen from him (besides Fast & Furious). So don't miss it and get inspired by this review and watch the movie for yourself.
Get a first taste with the trailer.

You won't regret it!

~ Written by F|S Magazin

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